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01Data processing

Data processing covers a wide range of operations using machine Learning and artificial intelligence technologies. It includes the collection, structuring, cleaning, normalization and enrichment of supply chain data collected from different data collection points in the supply chain, covering tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers.

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02Data Collection

The most crucial step when starting with machine learning is to identify data collection points and gather the data to in readable and logical formats. Lexi supports our customers with data collection from their whole supply chain.  We can handle it if the collected data is in raw form that can’t be directly fed to the machine. So, this is a process of collecting datasets from different sources, analyzing those datasets, and then constructing a new dataset for further processing and discovery. This data “cleaning” process is a semi-automated process that becomes more and more automated as our heuristics and algorithms learn from the dataset .

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03Data Discovery

Having all data cleaned, structured and consolidated into one database creates the opportunity to start the process of “discovery” to derive real business intelligence.   As Lexi also adds valuable “enrichment” data to the datasets, greater insight into opportunities and risks becomes possible, allowing our customers to unlock hidden value.

Data discovery is an iterative user process of finding hidden patterns and outliers in data. Our platform visualizes outliers and applies AI to define buying power and assess risk information for advanced analytics that goes beyond traditional BI applications used to report data.

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04Digital Transformation

Data is the enabler for digital transformation.  It covers the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate the business with organizational activities, processes, competencies, methodologies. A digital model will fully leverage the opportunities based on their strategic and prioritized value.

Lexi provides the platform, services and know-how to accelerate the digital transformation.

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