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All companies grapple with challenges in managing their supply chains – every day, every quarter, every year.

The biggest challenges are faced by global companies managing supply chains with…

  • Thousands and thousands of different components and materials, which…
  • go into many hundreds or thousands of products, which…
  • contain hundreds or thousands of different printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), which…
  • are assembled by dozens of EMS suppliers or other sub-contractors, which finally…
  • are assembled to final product (box-build) level by EMS or ODM suppliers or in-house by the OEM itself…

You get the picture.

These are the customers we love!  The more complex the better.

For our customers the first big hurdle is often just getting their arms around these supply chains, getting their own bills of material (BOMs) under control. 

Over the past decades, as outsourcing has given rise to the EMS and ODM industries, companies have in many ways benefitted from that business model, offshoring to low-cost countries.  But in other ways they have lost visibility and control of their own products, and hence lost control of their costs and risks.

Getting that visibility and control back is what we do. Then we help you do something with it.  In a highly targeted and structured way. 

Using advanced data analytics, heuristics and machine learning to transform impossible complexity into an automated, fast and effective process.

Cost reduction, risk reduction, predictability and sustainability in your own supply chain.  We can help you win that back.  This is our biggest value-add for our customers.  And it’s why some of the biggest and best-known global Fortune 1000 companies have put the Lexi Cloud System to work for them.

  • Deep Cost Reduction
  • Automated Processes
  • Time to Think
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Clean Data
  • Master Database
  • Risks Revealed
  • COGS Control
  • Should-Cost Analysis
  • Savings Funnel
  • Cutting Edge Solutions
  • More Fun in Life
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Johan Nodlycke


Husqvarna AB

Lexi R&D Cost Estimation system is an important tool in my job but foremost
our design engineers get feedback on component choice from BOM-health
and also cost point of view long before project decisions are made or quotes are taken in.
A powerful tool with a supporting team ready to assist almost 24/7.