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Data Harmonization

Aggregate your data across the supply chain. As part of the data processing, all information is harmonized from varying file formats, naming conventions, and column to transform it into one cohesive data set. Each data collection point typically provides data in a new format, language and structure. Lexi will care for that the data is one format and synchronized across all data points.

Once data is harmonized and cleaned, data can easily be aggregated to provide one view where everyone uses the same data.

Cost Estimation

Lexi’s Cloud Platform works equally well with new products coming out of R&D as it does for mature, running products.  Our data analytics can provide should-cost estimates accurate to +/- 5% for new products while they’re still on the drawing board.

RFQ Management

Lexi enables automation of the preparation of complex RFQ packages to send to your EMS suppliers or other subcontractors. Export standard BOM and quotation formats (in your format), then re-import suppliers’ quotes for automated comparison and analysis.  An end-to-end decision support system.

Spend Analytics

This is the heart of what we do, and it all starts with your data – cleaning it, classifying, consolidating, harmonizing,…Then analyzing it with big data analytics tools and automation through machine learning.  Uncover hidden costs, excessive or incorrect or inconsistent pricing, then get focused, actionable targets.


Lexi gives you the tools to be able to monitor your EMS and other suppliers at a micro level, drilling down into component costs, contract pricing compliance, PPV, cost/price history, value-add-margin (VAM) analysis, productivity development, and much more.

Cost Breakdowns

Slice and dice your data into views that make sense for you.  Lexi lets you set the filters and formats, making cost analysis quick and clear whether at component level, commodity code, supplier, manufacturer or vendor level.  Smart, intuitive, visual.

Risk Management

The classic problem of not being able to “see the forest for the trees” – or vice versa – has meant that many risks have just not be feasible to identify and mitigate.  Lexi’s Cloud Platform brings visibility and transparency to the mountains of data.  Your suppliers’ compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements, predictive analytics for component EOL, CSR compliance monitoring, and more.

Business Intelligence

Lexi’s big data analytics take your raw and messy data and transform it into a source of valuable business intelligence.  Our “data discovery” process yields insights that unlock savings that otherwise lie hidden and untapped.  Buried in the spend tail, previously not thought to be worth the effort to extract.  Lexi can show you the way.