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The Lexi Cloud System – Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Supply Chain Data with AI

We provide data solutions to some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world, including ABB, Husqvarna, Getinge, ASSA ABLOY, Parker Hannifin, Volvo AB and many more.  The reason we can attract such global corporations is simple – our solution is the only one that can solve their challenges in advanced data-driven procurement.

At Lexi we’re committed to help companies get the most out of their supply chains – maximizing value, minimizing risk, ensuring compliance.

Founded in Stockholm in 2011, and with a Data Operations Center in Malaysia, Lexi is bringing break-through methodology to Industry 4.0 digital methods in supply chain management.

Lexi has developed a cloud-based enterprise software platform that delivers value beyond savings by applying Big Data Analytics methods to tackle the enormous complexity of supply chains at some of the biggest and best-known electronics brands in the world.  We make the complex simple. 

Applying AI technology such as machine learning to supplement the deeply experienced team in our Data Operations Center in Penang, Malaysia, our proprietary Lexi Cloud System software consolidates global supply chain data from all internal and external sources to uncover hidden savings potential. It also structures and drives prioritized cost-reduction activities and yield business insights to mitigate unforeseen risks.

Proven through hundreds of successful use cases, the Lexi Cloud System yields cost reductions in year one of typically 5-15%, and in some cases upwards of 25%, of current product cost for our customers.  In year two onwards, as we focus progressively deeper into the “spend tail,” we continue to help our customers drive unprecedented year-on-year cost reductions.

Beyond the savings, however, the Lexi Cloud System drives huge benefits derived from finally getting your arms around your complete supply chain data – monitoring cost trends, developing SMART KPIs for your category managers, gaining clear visibility into your CSR compliance programs related to materials, and automating complex processes such as maintaining “clean” and correct bills of material (BOMs) and RFQ management.

This enables you to reach the point of what we call Predictive COGS – the ability to foresee cost of goods sold, product by product, across the enterprise, giving you the ability to set KPIs and act preemptively to reduce risk.


Here are some of the deliverables you can expect when using our system:

  • Deep Cost Reduction
  • Automated Processes
  • Time to Think
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Clean Data
  • Master Database
  • Risks Revealed
  • COGS Control
  • Should-Cost Analysis
  • Savings Funnel
  • Cutting Edge Solutions
  • More Fun in Life
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Unlock HIdden value

With AI

Johan Nodlycke


Husqvarna AB

Lexi R&D Cost Estimation system is an important tool in my job but foremost
our design engineers get feedback on component choice from BOM-health
and also cost point of view long before project decisions are made or quotes are taken in.
A powerful tool with a supporting team ready to assist almost 24/7.