Vision, Mission & Values

We recognize that 'why' and ‘how’ when we do business is just as important as ‘what’ we do. We measure ourselves through how quickly we can create value to our Customers.


Our Vision is to be the world leader in Software for Supply chain excellence working with product owners and manufacturers corporations, specialising in clients that have products with electronic content, internal or outsourced.

We will earn our customers' respect and raise their enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork, and innovation. Our aim is to exceed customers' expectations and achieve market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our Company.


Our mission is to create transparency in the manufacturing ecosystem, to discover new facts with the help of data, powerful algorithms and machine learning, to create business value. 

Core Values:

We value a diversity of people and thoughts for continuous improvement. It is a powerful combination for our People + Methodology + Content philosophy. Our core values are:

Customer first

We always put our clients first.


We are one team with our Customer and their Suppliers.


We deliver fast results with extremely improved ROI.

The values, and the behaviour that reflects them, are part of our recruitment and performance assessment processes. They define what we expect from our employees and what customers expect from us as a team.

With flexibility, customization, excellence, passion, drive, teamwork, creativity and communication, we make the best of our abilities for our Customers.