For the Tactical Purchaser

Our solution support you with understanding supply avialbility today and in the future to ensure the right product with the right quantity at the right time.

Challenges for the Tactical Purchaser

The key objective for the Tactical Purchaser is to balance inventory levels within given service levels for each material at each stocking location. In a perfect world, this is a standard ERP task to calculate the material requirements to be procured. However, variances in the supply chain, such as demand and supply, create challenges that typically generate stock-outs and obsolete material that have a negative impact on delivery performance and profitability.

Establish a Lean Acquisition of material

Lexi supports our clients with helping Tactical Purchasers to establish a Lean Acquisition of material that focuses on:

  • Categorization of material based on customer expectations and supply chain variances
  • Collaboration with suppliers and share short and long term procurement plans
  • Access to a supplier base to mitigate supply risks

MasterBOM creates transparency

MasterBOM, our best practice IT tool, creates transparency within your company, across divisions and throughout your supplier base. Providing you with thorough spend management analytics, MasterBOM also facilitates supplier collaboration and follow-up through its global dashboards and in-depth reporting capabilities. Moreover, MasterBOM offers the following benefits: significant time reduction in day-to-day tasks, improved quality, increased delivery performance and Return of the investments in 3-12 months.

MasterBOM is a Cloud Platform solution developed by Lexi that allows you to take control without investing time. It supports you with spend analytics, internal and external collaboration and performance measurements. It ensures an effective and fact-based negotiation process between you and your subcontractor.