Delivery Management

We improve processes for your supply chain management in order for you to improve incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Lexi Delivery Solution

Delivery is about having the right product or material at the right time to ensure that you meet your customer expectations. Traditionally this has been managed through managing different types of safety stock for material, semi-finished and finished goods. This works in some cases. However, customers expecting decreased product prices and increased up-stream supply uncertainty caused by shorter lead times create challenges for operations to meet customer demands. Thus, the importance of supply management and delivery at the right time with the right quality becomes essential.

Take control over the supply process

Lexi enables you to take control over your supply planning processes with visibility into the delivery of your critical material and components. With our Delivery Solution, you will be able to take back control over the supply process up-stream in the supply chain. Our solution complements the ERP systems with the necessary planning and visibility functionality.

Key benefits:

  • Visibility into 2nd and 3rd tier supplier demand
  • Track and trace supply
  • Collaborate with you suppliers' suppliers
  • Identify new sources of material/component supply
  • Supplier performance follow-up