For Supply and Sourcing

We help you realize the concept of establishing a demand-driven supply network and facilitate your strategic sourcing decisions.

Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain is all about meeting customer demand at the lowest cost. With customers expecting short lead times, and supply being sourced with much longer lead times creates various buffers in the Supply chain that need to be managed properly. The challenge is to understand where and why you have unpredictable variances in the Supply Chain and which are the bottlenecks that tie up capital.

Difficult to collect and quality-check information

Strategic sourcing is today an established procurement process and a key component of Supply Chain Management to continuously improve and re-evaluate purchasing activities. However, for manufacturing companies with outsourced production, it is a very daunting task to collect and quality-check information needed for making fact-based strategic sourcing decisions. Such information is often managed in Excel, but unclear and fuzzy data makes it a difficult task to ensure the right quality is delivered at the right time to the right cost.

The right information creates visibility

With the right information, you can consolidate your spend across regions and divisions which creates visibility. You can determine the Should Cost for each product as well as identify cost-savings and monitor and follow-up on your subcontractor and supplier base to the 3rd or 4th level up-stream in the Supply Chain.

The Lexi Approach

Lexi takes a hands-on approach with the philosophy of improving Supply Chain Management rather than focusing on demand accuracy where most companies already have sufficient demand forecasting processes in place today. A well-working supply process will create an agile operation process that will adapt more easily and quickly to your customers' needs.

MasterBOM creates transparency

With the support of MasterBOM, we can help you manage your critical supply throughout the Product Life Cycle. MasterBOM, a unique approach to support strategic sourcing, was developed by Lexi and is the number one solution for managing quality, delivery and cost for your outsourced production. MasterBOM helps you with fact-based strategic sourcing decisions and ensures the right components/products are delivered at the right time to the right cost. MasterBOM also offers the following benefits: significant time reduction in day-to-day tasks, improved quality, increased delivery performance and 5-25% cost reduction in 3-12 months.

MasterBOM is a cloudware solution developed by Lexi that allows you to take control without investing time. It supports you with Spend Analytics, internal and external collaboration and performance measurements. It ensures an effective and fact-based negotiation process between you and your subcontractor.