Spend Management

We let you have control over all costs related to your outsourced production throughout the Supply Chain.

Lexi Spend Analytics

Lexi Spend Analytics solution help your organization understand the cost structure of your outsourced production by dividing costs into material, labor and overhead. Our Spend Analytics in MasterBOM provides the visibility to your spend and establishes controls in order to manage your products.

Unique Solution

Our Spend Analytics solution and benchmarking database help you identify cost savings and predict future product spend throughout the product life cycle. With our unique solution you can analyze the breakdown of your historical product spend per material, labor and overhead costs and predict future product costs already in the design phase - in order to find cost saving potentials thereby enabling R&D, sourcing, managers and executives to make more informed and actionable decisions.

Data scrubbing and classification

Lexi provides the complete process from data collection - data scrubbing - classification in order to turn your data into reports with rich information. Our dedicated BM scrubbing team ensures a high degree of accuracy to analyze and benchmark your spend in a new dimension.

Key benefits

  • Get full visibility for what I am really spending per supplier, commodity, labor etc.
  • Identify opportunities for consolidations and cost reductions.
  • Provide transparency to whom I spend to across finance, operations and procurement.
  • Provide just in time analysis and reports of spending to business managers.
  • Benchmarking information to indicate potential cost-savings.