Our solutions provide the means for your organization to improve your product profitability through improved supply chain performance covering the full Product Life Cycle.

The Lexi Solution

Our philosophy is that an efficient supply chain is an enabler for operational and customer excellence. Around this we have built a unique collaborative solution to manage spend and sourcing processes in a new dimension. Our solutions and cloudware improve your product profitability through reduced direct material costs, improved quality from design to delivery and increased delivery performance from your supplier base.

Cost, Quality and Delivery

Our solutions are a combination of best practice processes that we adapt to your organization's needs supported by MasterBOM, our Cloudware application, and Data Content for benchmarking your product's spend. We support both in-house manufacturing and products outsourced to EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) suppliers with:

  • Quality improvements - We start with improving data quality then we analyze the products.
  • Delivery Improvements - We identify and implement demand & supply improvements.
  • Cost reductions - We analyze your spend and implement cost-savings with improved ROI as a result.

Customer value

Lexi take full responsibility for our work and measure ourselves in the customer value that we provide to our clients. Based on our industry experience, we offer state-of-the-art solutions in order to provide a sustainable solution with highest ROI (return on investment) for you.

We are Lexi. We take care of your data. We engage directly. We drive savings for you. We are the solution you need.