Who we work with

Products and Suppliers


When a product goes to market its the brand you buy you see that communicate the feeling for what you will buy. When we work with our Clients they can be a brand owner that sell´s directly to the end consumer or user´s or a supplier in to complex systems that the OEM company sells to the market.


Lexi corporate with a number of corporations around the globe and one of the most important areas is also the suppliers they use in their products , thats why we also call it reference - without our suppliers our clients would not being able to provide high quality products with delivery performance at the right cost.

We selected here to present a selection of Product brands you see , that Lexi been a part of creating technology and spend consolidations, and theere by created lower manufacturing turing cost, improved quality and delivery performance to market.


We have also to the right , in related information selected to present some of the suppliers we are proud to been working with that support the Master BOM process and methodology to support our clients vision of total global outsourcing consolidations.

For full reference list of both Clients, Products and Supplier , contact us.