Quality Management

Focus on product quality throughout the product life cycle reduces the Total Cost of Ownership and improves sales through customer loyalty.

A collaborative effort leads to a full value chain

Quality is not just about problem-solving in order to correct and eliminate recurring problems. Instead, we believe that products that have great quality have been developed with the customer in mind, price-quality-lead time and in a collaborative effort between engineering, sourcing, production and distribution that cover the full value chain.

A best practice approach on product and process improvement

The Lexi approach always has quality in mind in all types of assignments that we engage in. We have also developed a best practice approach that focuses on product and process improvement. The cornerstone of our approach includes the management of the following key items:

  • Process - How can my organization identify a customer need and ensure the lowest total cost of ownership througout the product life cycle?
  • Stakeholders - How are the related stakeholders involved in various stages from design to delivery?
  • Material/components - Do I use the right AML components that suit this product?

MasterBOM, our Cloudware application, supports the collaborative process between engineering, sourcing and financial stakeholders.