MasterBOM is configured on our Cloudware platform based on your business requirements which our consultancy team has identified.


MasterBOM is a product developed by Lexi that is implemented, deployed and running on our Cloudware platform. It is the main application suite for corporations and companies that need full visibility for their product spend and break down to material, labor and overhead costs.

Information-sharing with internal and external stakeholders

MasterBOM uses BOM (Bill-of-Material) data from sourcing and engineering departments to analyze all material that your organization use in your production. MasterBOM allows you to share information among internal and external stakeholders whether you are a global corporation or start-up company. MasterBOM provides a new dimension to supply excellence for your outsourced and produced products.

MasterBOM as a Cloudware service

Lexi offers a Cloudware service for our customers to subscribe to the MasterBOM product suite. It means our customers do not need any IT infrastructure to maintain the MasterBOM application. What we offer as part of the Cloudware subscription package are:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Support and Maintenance
  • BOM Scrubbing Team for data integration and data cleaning


Our Consultancy team provides advisory services, supply & demand planning and lean implementation in combination with MasterBOM and offers the following:

  • Workshop and Supply Chain Opportunity Assessment
  • Price Analysis Benchmarking Lowest Optimization (PABLO report)
  • Product Should Cost Analytics