Our Key Competences

We can do a lot for you, but our main offering is based on the following areas.

Our Supply Chain advisory services have helped product-owners reduce costs with sustained or improved quality and delivery performance.
We provide visibility up-stream in your Supply Chain and let you have control over sourcing, manufacturing and delivery.
We have performed cost-cut programs on over 1000 products. Typical results range from 5-25 % savings on material in 3-12 months.
We scrub and clean your Bill of Material (BOM) to create powerful analytic reports and improvement programs, resulting in improved supply chain performance.
We provide solutions to change your Supply Chain Management in order for you to create your 2020 Sourcing and Supply organization.
We make sure your CM (Contract Management) is aligned to the latest market terms and conditions so that you can control your outsourced production.
MasterBOM allows you to take control of your Supply Chain without investing time and supports you with analyzing spend, suppliers and performance.
We provide strategy, processes and technology to improve and sustain your organization's mission and business effectiveness.