Our Approach

With our best practice approach, we implement operational changes to make sustainable results perpetual.

The basis of our solutions and services

What we do, we do different. We do not want to waste your time in a long-time running project. Instead, we prefer long-term value to short-term thinking;
Lexians believe in making change happen. Our approach has been developed to help your organization improve your Supply Chain performance. We believe that in order for changes to be sustainable and perpetual, you need to gradually take our solution into use in order to implement changes and meet your set goal.

We focus on long-term goals

In order to change behaviour, we have recognized that it is essential with Human Capital Development, process development and supporting IT technology. We bring intellectual capital and focus on you long-term goals. We combine our IT tools with Human Capital Development to create real, fast and sustainable results for you.

Unique Approach

Our approach is unique in that we combine consultancy and MasterBOM in our client engagements. The Lexi approach consists of the following high level activities that we at Lexi have found to best meet your organization's long-term needs:

Phase 1 : Spend Analytics

Spend analytics is all about data, which is essential to make the right decisions. Our dedicated data scrubbing team will care for 1) data quality and 2) data availability. The first is to ensure that all data across geographies and products can be mapped. Secondly, additional data attributes need to be added based on each client case. With all the data in place, we use MasterBOM, our Cloudware application, to benchmark your data and identify areas for improvements.

Phase 2 : Implementation

Lexi drives the initial implementation in close cooperation with related stakeholders based on identified areas that cover Cost, Quality and Delivery.

Phase 3 : Sustainability

Human Capital development is essential when making operational changes and the only way to make sustainable results perpetual. Our key deliverable is a framework for you to gradually take over the solution and drive it yourselves. Lexi’s role is to ensure accurate data through activities such as data validation and cleaning, which otherwise are typically time-consuming activities.