Lexi Academy

Welcome to Lexi Academy!

The Lexi Academy is a skill and career building program that offers a wide range of basic and advanced training courses around supply management and outsourcing of production. Lexi Academy also offers a super-user training course for our MasterBOM user forum.

Our tailored training courses are typically scheduled with several half day workshops combining theory and practical cases that are discussed during the training session. We build the training material based on our pre-packed materials and your needs. Also, we offer both fixed and customized training courses to suit your needs.

  • MasterBOM – Super user course (basic and advanced)
  • Spend Managment and Should Cost – What makes the difference
  • Buy or make - Establish a partnership wih a subcontractor/EMS
  • Supply Chain Management – The foundation for operational customer excellence
  • Supply & procurement Planning – How to plan for your operations
  • Strategic sourcing – How to get full value out of your sourcing organization
  • Lean operations

If you are looking for friendly professionals to provide unique training for you or your organization, please contact us at info(a)lexisolution.com.