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An experience unlike any other

Being a member of the Lexi team is an experience unlike any other. We offer empowerment, learning and growth and a fun and different work environment. At Lexi, every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every member makes a tangible impact. We believe in continous improvement.

Freedom to organize work

In an industry rife with sideways momentum and common products, we are in the rare position of crafting a software that is truly unique, industry-defining and in some wonderful cases even life-saving. The Lexians who build the company, by necessity, must have passion, drive and enough creativity to shape the future of analysis. At Lexi, every individual is considered to be a committed and responsible professional so there is freedom to organize work under the broad guidelines set by the organization.

Dynamic and challenging environment

We are always looking for more driven and passionate professionals with high energy, enthusiasm and creativity to join our team. We are keen on individuals who can carve their path in an environment that is dynamic and full of challenges!

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