For the IT manager

We provide a cloud-based ICT solution, MasterBOM, to facilitate your organization's management of spend and sourcing processes for overall improvements on productivitiy and profitability.

Needs to adapt to changing business conditions

The IT manager’s profile has changed profoundly lately, shifting from a technological focus to the user’s domain. The IT department needs to deliver a Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution that supports its business functions to provide a competitive edge to the organization. Instead of long running system implementations, IT managers need to identify a ICT solution that can easily adapt to changing business conditions without heavy investments that paralyze the organization.

MasterBOM is your future-proof ICT solution

MasterBOM, our Cloudware application, is an agile and nimble process-oriented solution that compliments your ERP system and replaces all those widespread Excel sheets. MasterBOM is a cloud-based ICT solution to manage your organization’s spend and sourcing processes and will improve productivity as well as increase profitability without heavy IT investments, both in money or resources. MasterBOM is a future-proof solution created to provide server capacity and data security for your organization. With other words, MasterBOM gives you the competitive edge.