For you

Our services and solutions identify and implement 5-25% cost savings for your products to ensure a competitive advantage and let you take control to improve product profitability.

Guaranteed ROI for your offering

We tailor our deliverables for every stakeholder and client. With the help of our proven solutions, we guarantee a ROI (return on investment) for your offerings that we agree on, which makes us unique, Our offerings are the following:

  1. Advisory and consultancy services to improve quality, delivery and cost for your outsourced manufacturing
  2. MasterBOM, our Cloudware application, for managing your outsourced products and sub-suppliers
  3. Lexi Academy - our skill and career building program to develop human capital

Lexi provides Competitive advantage

Typically, we engage with you to analyze and verify that you have a competitive price or provide support to you in meeting cost reduction targets.

Lexi provides the common platform to ensure that everyone in the organization shares the same accurate data to identify and implement cost savings. Our solutions and services, supported by our cloud-based solution and dedicated data team, will replace all those Excel spreadsheets and incorrect reports from your various business systems. The real power of accurate data makes a world-class organization and is a real competitive advantage. Thus, we deliver the following:

  1. Cost reductions (we provide 5-25% cost down)
  2. Quality improvements
  3. Delivery performance improvements

We also provide a more efficient and better way to work to ensure you will be able to carry out your work with a long-term focus, instead of so called short-term fire fighting activities.

Our key clients

Our main clients are manufacturing companies with outsourced production in the following functions:

  • Sourcing and Supply functions
  • Engineering development and R&D functions
  • Company Management