EMS Management

The challenge with outsourcing is how to control the supply process.

Full visibility in production

Your manufacturing organization (OEM) commonly outsource production of products or parts of products to subcontractors but you still want to have control as if you were doing your own manufacturing, preferably without associated costs, risks and logistics and with full visibility.

Fuzzy data makes control of production difficult

However, as a product-owner, you are in fact facing challenges with subcontractors and would like to take back control to ensure that products are delivered at the right time with the right quality to the right price. Lack of system support and fuzzy data from subcontractors and suppliers make the control of sourcing, manufacturing and delivery a daunting task.

We facilitate and improve EMS management

Without visibility up-stream in the Supply Chain, you need to trust that your subcontractors provide high quality products and deliver in time to the lowest cost. You need to take control over the Total Cost of Ownership. We provide solutions to facilitate and improve EMS management.