For the CFO

We identify and implement cost savings to reduce capital investment and improve cash flow.

Reduce Capital employed and Cut direct material costs

With our services and solutions, we can make detailed Spend Analytics where we benchmark your material costs to identify potential cost savings and provide spend visibility per your needs. As a result, you can improve P&L by reducing capital employed and cutting direct material costs.

MasterBOM gives visibility

MasterBOM, our best practice Cloudware solution, is a system that brings hidden data to the surface. Our global dashboards show everything you need to know, so that you do not need to ask for information and wait for answers. With this solution, you can plan your cost reductions and see the Should Cost potentiality for each product. With MasterBOM, you can always collect more savings when needed from your suppliers - across divisions, regions and companies or even down to product level or specific supplier. You have all the information you need available in a web interface - within seconds. MasterBOM also offers the following benefits: significant time reduction in day-to-day tasks, improved quality, increased delivery performance and 5-25% cost reduction in 3-12 months.

MasterBOM is a cloudware solution developed by Lexi that allows you to take control without investing time. It supports you with Spend Analytics, internal and external collaboration and performance measurements. It ensures an effective and fact-based negotiation process between you and your subcontractor.