For the CEO

We help your Supply and Sourcing organization increase profits and reduce risks, thereby meeting shareholders’ and the Board’s expectations.

Our solution creates savings of 5-20% for each dollar under management in MasterBOM

We provide solutions for your company to facilitate an overview of all costs related to your production, leading to lowered investments, better cash flow and high and measurable ROI. As a result, you can increase profits and your organization's shareholder value. 

MasterBOM creates transparency

MasterBOM, our best practice Cloud solution, creates transparency within your company, across divisions and throughout your supplier base. Providing you with thorough spend management analytics, MasterBOM also facilitates supplier collaboration and follow-up through its global dashboards and in-depth reporting capabilities. Moreover, MasterBOM offers the following benefits: significant time reduction in day-to-day tasks, improved quality, increased delivery performance with an exceptional good return of investment.

MasterBOM is a Cloud Platform solution developed by Lexi that allows you to take control without investing time. It supports you with spend analytics, internal and external collaboration and performance measurements. It ensures an effective and fact-based negotiation process between you and your subcontractor.