About us

Lexi is a team of Supply Chain Professionals that bring market intelligence and tools to implement cost-savings.

Customer delight experience

We strive to bring some serious customer delight experience to our clients. Every year, we have the privilege of engaging with a diverse set of clients and factories across the globe, which opens up a plethora of challenging opportunities that push us to the limit. Through our engagement with our clients, we have a developed an unique offering that provides you the competency edge in managing your spend and sourcing processes.

Solutions-driven improvement programs

Lexi is a Solutions and Cloudware company that provide solutions-driven improvement programs, supported by our best practice cloudware application MasterBOM. MasterBOM is used to scrub and analyze your BOM (Bill of Materials) to ensure accurate data. Our Solutions and Cloudware programs are able to present real outsourcing spend and technology data in an new dimension.

Improved profitability

Through our solutions that cut costs, create cash out of operations and make sure the right competences are in place, we drive improved product profitability for manufacturing of products with electronic content. Our goal is to change buying behavior. Our role is to support product-owners all the way.

3 different business areas

We operate in 3 different business areas: BOM factory, software and consultancy. Our clients are OEM companies and product-owners with in-house or outsourced manufacturing of products with electronic content.

We are Lexi. We take care of your data. We engage directly. We drive savings for you. We are the solution you need.