Spend Management in a New Dimension


Our Cloudware application analyzes your product’s spend to provide visibility.

Should Cost

Our Should Cost analytics determines what a product should cost to manufacture.

Cut cost

We provide cost saving programs to help you cut costs and improve profitability.

This is Lexi

Lexi provides Solutions and Cloudware to improve product-owners’ (OEMs) management of spend and sourcing processes. Supported by our Cloudware application MasterBOM, we scrub and analyze your Bill of Material which enable informed sourcing decisions. As a result, we improve product profitability for your in-house or outsourced electronic manufacturing through 5-25% cost down in your spend.

Our solutions provide the means for you to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. We let you take back control of your product cost from the conception phase throughout the product life cycle. Simply said, Lexi gives you a new dimension to Spend Management.