Procurement in a New Dimension


Our Cloudware application analyzes your product’s spend to provide visibility.

Data Cleaning

Our Machine learning software secure the complexity when we clean and enrich the data 

Data Collection

We secure the data collections process for our customers, from both internal , external and suppliers data. 

This is Lexi

Our mission is to create transparency in the manufacturing ecosystem, to discover new facts with the help of data, powerful algorithms and machine learning, to create business value. 

We all come from EMS and OEM background, and some from IT, a mix of Nordics and Asia, Sourcing and operations with coding culture. We still call us startup - since we must maintain the creative working attitude, to bring more AI into everyday life,  to the users. 

We founded the company based on the problem with data quality in the industry, its not used to its full potential, and with the challenge of bring human experience down into a software. Now after 5 years of R&D and billions of USD processed,  we have it  - We call it buying power algorithms and now strive further to next level of predict the future as well. 

We provide our service today mainly to large corporations but also small startups that understand the power of data , that are willing to invest, to be more effective and professional.  

We are based out of Stockholm, Sweden where also the servers are located, to further secure the most valuable items our customer have - the RIGHT DATA.

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Key Facts
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